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Partnering with CDFIs: Catalysts for Sustainable Community Development

A Neighborhood Ripe for Revitalization Roanoke, Virginia’s West End neighborhood was historically among the most vibrant and impassioned communities in the city. More recently typified by high rates of crime, poverty, poor health outcomes, and financial insecurity, West End was deemed a “target rejuvenation neighborhood” by the City of Roanoke in 2011. This story, similar …

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Bridging Community Development, Health, and Metrics

A version of this article appeared in the GIH Bulletin on 5/17/2016. Health foundations have increasingly begun to partner with (CDFIs) to invest in affordable housing, clinics, grocery stores, child care centers, and other efforts to transform the of communities. Despite growing interest in aligning efforts, questions remain about how to effectively foster cross-sector collaboration between …

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A Financial Remedy on the Reservation

In Native American communities around the country, a growing network of Community Development Financial Institutions are bringing affordable financing to people who have historically been locked out of credit markets. Our new article examines how Native CDFIs foster financial self-sufficiency, playing an important role in overall community health. A Financial Remedy on the Reservation our latest story illustrating the …

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