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NYC to Build Largest Health Facility In Its History: A Neighborhood

A hundred years ago at the height of the tuberculosis epidemic, New York City’s planners and public health establishment mobilized to develop what the New York Times called “…the largest and finest hospital ever built” for tuberculosis.  Operating in the absence of any known cure for the disease, the Sea View Tuberculosis Hospital’s medical facilities …

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Modifying Hospital Community Benefit Tax Policy: Easing Regulation, Advancing Population Health

This article first appeared on the Health Affairs blog on December 1, 2016.    How might regulatory tax policy constraints be eased while promoting greater health equity? The Trump Administration could take steps—under existing legislative authority—to broaden the longstanding definition of “community benefit” spending to promote fuller community-wide health improvement partnerships between tax-exempt hospitals and …

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Fast Fact: Hospital Community Benefit Dollars Can Benefit Community Development

This Fast Fact is part of a series in partnership with the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC), the national coordinating center for Bridging for Health: Improving Community Health Through Innovations in Financing, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Read the full Fast Facts series! Fact Non-profit hospitals receive financial benefit from their tax-exempt status—valued at $24.6 …

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How Baton Rouge Got Its Hospitals to Join Forces to Improve Residents’ Health

The Affordable Care Act is a whopping 10,000 pages long—the biggest regulatory overhaul of the American health care system in decades. And nestled in Section 9007(r) is a small but important new requirement: nonprofit hospitals are now required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment. To retain their tax-exempt status, nonprofit hospitals have always been …

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Children in class at Fairgate Farm

Vita Health & Wellness District, Stamford, Connecticut

In the early 2000s, Stamford Hospital began planning a major expansion. Located in Stamford, Connecticut’s West Side neighborhood, the 305-bed regional hospital envisioned a large new state-of-the-art addition to its facility. The hospital owned various pieces of real estate in the nearby neighborhood, but none were contiguous with its existing campus. Meanwhile, Charter Oak Communities (COC), …

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