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Partnering with CDFIs: Catalysts for Sustainable Community Development

A Neighborhood Ripe for Revitalization Roanoke, Virginia’s West End neighborhood was historically among the most vibrant and impassioned communities in the city. More recently typified by high rates of crime, poverty, poor health outcomes, and financial insecurity, West End was deemed a “target rejuvenation neighborhood” by the City of Roanoke in 2011. This story, similar …

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Growing Community Health on the Ground

For a long time, parks and other urban green spaces were thought of as nice amenities—but not much more. They were beautiful and relaxing, but far from necessary for neighborhood health and well-being. More recently, several studies have suggested that urban greenery makes us healthier, both physically and mentally. “Now,” said Groundwork USA executive director Stephen Burrington, “it’s recognized that …

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Building Community Around Food Access

Missed the Network Commons on October 5th? Watch the video to hear more about the work of DevelopSpringfield and two other Joining Forces Grantees who are partnering with CDFIs! Developing a full-line grocery store in the Mason Square section of Springfield, Massachusetts has been a cornerstone project for DevelopSpringfield and a central focus of our BUILD …

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Amp Your Good: A New Social Venture Rethinks How Food Drives Can Improve Health

Amp Your Good has developed a model that we call “Crowd-Feeding,” a new food drive model designed to enable groups to conduct food drives that raise fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other healthy food. The food drive “system” is large and under appreciated due to its fragmentation. We estimate that more than 75 Million people …

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Children in class at Fairgate Farm

Vita Health & Wellness District, Stamford, Connecticut

In the early 2000s, Stamford Hospital began planning a major expansion. Located in Stamford, Connecticut’s West Side neighborhood, the 305-bed regional hospital envisioned a large new state-of-the-art addition to its facility. The hospital owned various pieces of real estate in the nearby neighborhood, but none were contiguous with its existing campus. Meanwhile, Charter Oak Communities (COC), …

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Dispatches: Daniel Lau on Why Leadership Matters in a Culture of Health

What meeting did you attend? The first partner agency meeting for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Leaders Program (CoHL) in Washington, D.C. The CoHL Program is funded by RWJF and led by two D.C. based health-equity focused nonprofits; the National Collaborative for Health Equity and CommonHealth ACTION. The Network is one of seven …

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Residents of Potrero Housing in San Francisco walk the property with manager, Uzuri Greene, San Francisco, CA. Bridge Housing, San Francisco, Bay area

Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco, California

Susan Neufeld, Vice President of Resident Programs and Services for BRIDGE Housing Corporation (BRIDGE), describes the existing 606-unit Potrero Terrace and Annex housing projects as “an island of poverty in a sea of wealth.” Unlike many distressed public housing complexes that are surrounded by other disadvantaged neighborhoods, residents of Potrero Terrace and Annex, with a …

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Investing With Health in Mind

Last summer, we introduced our magazine of stories illustrating the deep connections between neighborhood and health. Our first piece brought readers to two housing developments in Arizona designed for (and with) grandparents raising grandchildren. Our next essay explores how two new funds are investing in affordable housing and other neighborhood projects that consider residents’ health and well-being. …

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Four Drew Charter School students in the Villages of East, standing outside the school.

The Villages of East Lake, Atlanta, Georgia

Of the East Lake Meadows public housing project before revitalization, says Carol Naughton of Purpose Built Communities, “the only thing that was working was the drug trade.” Frequently called “Little Vietnam” – as in, a war zone — the Atlanta neighborhood grappled with extreme poverty, violent crime, abysmal educational outcomes and high unemployment. The poorly built, 40-year-old public …

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Produce displays and check-out stands at the new Whole Foods Market.

The ReFresh Project, New Orleans, Louisiana

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the founders of what became Broad Community Connections (BCC) started attending community meetings, and exploring with their fellow community members how to rebuild a city in shambles. These conversations highlighted some of the seemingly intractable problems that many central New Orleans residents had faced even before the storm, such …

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