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The 100 Million Healthier Lives Adult Well-Being Assessment

The 100 Million Healthier Lives Adult Well-Being Assessment is a seven-item questionnaire to measure well-being in four domains: physical health, mental health, social well-being, and spiritual-well being.

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Speaking the Same Language: The Network’s Common Indicators Project

The Network’s Common Indicators Project provides a much-needed baseline of domains and indicators used within and across various sector measurement strategies, an excellent starting place for dialogue around collaboration and development of a complementary framework.

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Sharing Data Across Sectors to Build Healthy Environments

Through the integration of health data and evidence from sectors like housing and education, local residents and leaders have the ability to better detect problems, test interventions, and ultimately transform environments to improve health.

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Five Key Takeaways from the New GRESB Health & Well-being Module

We know that the built environment has a profound impact on health and well-being.  Fortunately, the number of available tools to intentionally promote health through building and community design continue to increase.

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Dispatches: Alison Moore, the Network’s Research Associate, caught us up on her recent trip to DC for the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics workshop.

Alison Moore, the Network’s Research Associate, caught us up on her recent trip to DC for National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics workshop.

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Health-mapping every ZIP code in Arizona

The Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities utilized data from the Arizona Healthy Communities Opportunity Index to create maps on what’s happening with health across the state by ZIP code.

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New Research Can Help Health and Housing Experts Arrive at a Common Messaging Frame

In February, Enterprise Community Partners released new research conducted in conjunction with the Center for Outcomes Research and Education, which provided quantitative evidence of the long-term positive impact that affordable housing has on health outcomes for the most vulnerable and difficult to serve.

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By How Much do Costs Need to be Reduced to Leverage True Health Transformation?

This article first appeared on the Pew Charitable Trusts blog August 8, 2016.   Proposals abound for improving regional health: some call for initiatives to enhance clinical care and reduce costs, some focus on payment reform, others combine clinical and population-level interventions, and many more. In this increasingly complicated environment, it is challenging to determine …

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Mapping Equity Nationwide

Mapping Tools

The National Equity Atlas, developed by PolicyLink and the University of Southern California’s Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE), is a comprehensive online resource for data on demographic change, racial and economic inclusion, and the potential economic benefits of racial equity.

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Dispatches: Renee Roy Elias on Engaging the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In this occasional series, we report on what we are discovering to help you stay on top of the cutting-edge policies, tools, and projects in the fields.

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Residents of Potrero Housing in San Francisco walk the property with manager, Uzuri Greene, San Francisco, CA. Bridge Housing, San Francisco, Bay area

Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco, California

Trauma-Informed Community Building Sets Stage for Neighborhood Revitalization

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Four Drew Charter School students in the Villages of East, standing outside the school.

The Villages of East Lake, Atlanta, Georgia

Tipping Point: Deep, Neighborhood-Scale Transformation Creates Lasting Change

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Produce displays and check-out stands at the new Whole Foods Market.

The ReFresh Project, New Orleans, Louisiana

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the founders of what became Broad Community Connections (BCC) started attending community meetings, and exploring with their fellow community members how to rebuild a city in shambles. These conversations highlighted some of the seemingly intractable problems that many central New Orleans residents had faced even before the storm, such …

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Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center, Houston, Texas

Creating Access to Opportunity by Building a “Village Center” in a Houston Neighborhood

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Don’t Tell Us It’s Working. Show Us It’s Working.

Evidence is having bit of a renaissance. From Pay for Success financing to evidence-based policymaking, a movement is growing to answer that most basic question: Are we making a difference? We spoke with Eileen Fitzgerald and Bill Kelly about Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future’s outcome measures that track the impact of their service enriched housing programs on clients’ well-being.

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