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Pathways to Healthy Housing in Austin, Texas

This blog reports back from the Housing + Health summit, mentioned in a recent Healthy Community Initiatives blog featuring the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. On his visit to Austin, Texas last year, David J. Erickson, the Director of Community Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, noted that Austin could be the community …

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From Homelessness to Housing in San Francisco: Portraits and Oral History

As we build collaboration across sectors, storytelling and art that lifts up success stories become more and more important. A moving new multi-media art project called “Everyone Deserves a Home” on display in San Francisco’s Public Library asks 40 formally homeless residents in supportive housing, “what does home mean to you?” Through photographs and interviews, each …

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Playing Matchmaker for UnitedHealthcare and an Arizona Neighborhood

This article was originally posted on the NACEDA website on September 30, 2016.   Sometimes a great partnership begins with a simple question: Who do you know that I don’t? “When we meet someone, we always ask that,” explains Pedro Cons, executive vice president of Chicanos Por La Causa, a 47 year-old social service agency …

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Health Equity and the Role for Community Development

As our nation struggles with what is fair and just, and for whom, the urgent call for equity rings loudly. In philanthropy, equity is high on the agenda among major players, for example, the Ford Foundation, Kresge, Kellogg, the California Endowment, and many others. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s new push for a Culture of …

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Dispatches: Jeni Miller on the Low Income Forum on Energy Conference

Read the full Dispatches series!   What meeting did you attend? The Low Income Forum on Energy (LIFE) Conference in Albany, New York. LIFE works to improve access to safe, affordable, and reliable energy for low-income residents of New York. Founded 18 years ago and supported by the New York State Public Service Commission and the New …

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Why Pediatricians Should Screen Their Young Patients for Poverty

As a practicing pediatrician, I have always asked my patients’ parents plenty of questions. Have you child-proofed your home? Is she getting enough milk and fresh fruits and veggies? Do you have the right sized car seat? Now, based on new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), doctors like myself may be asking, …

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Zumba class at Potrero Housing in San Francisco for Bridge Housing

Rebuilding Neighborhoods So That Residents Can Thrive: More Community Close-Ups

Innovative community developers are making a real difference in the neighborhoods they are revitalizing, creating places that offer the physical, social and economic resources that all people need in order to live healthy lives. Cross-sector collaboration is a given in these projects, as are new ways of thinking about community revitalization. At the Build Healthy Places …

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Healthy Futures Fund Moves Past Pilot to Impact

In the nation’s capital, a major economic development project has won wide acclaim for integrating affordable housing and supportive services with a job training center, a major health center and vibrant new retail—all in a green project, built on once-blighted land, just steps from a Metro stop. I guess you could say it checks a …

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Residents of Potrero Housing in San Francisco walk the property with manager, Uzuri Greene, San Francisco, CA. Bridge Housing, San Francisco, Bay area

Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco, California

Susan Neufeld, Vice President of Resident Programs and Services for BRIDGE Housing Corporation (BRIDGE), describes the existing 606-unit Potrero Terrace and Annex housing projects as “an island of poverty in a sea of wealth.” Unlike many distressed public housing complexes that are surrounded by other disadvantaged neighborhoods, residents of Potrero Terrace and Annex, with a …

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Four Drew Charter School students in the Villages of East, standing outside the school.

The Villages of East Lake, Atlanta, Georgia

Of the East Lake Meadows public housing project before revitalization, says Carol Naughton of Purpose Built Communities, “the only thing that was working was the drug trade.” Frequently called “Little Vietnam” – as in, a war zone — the Atlanta neighborhood grappled with extreme poverty, violent crime, abysmal educational outcomes and high unemployment. The poorly built, 40-year-old public …

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