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Tools of the Trade: Measuring the Health-Related Returns of Community Development

Within the last five years, partnerships between community development and health organizations have grown from one-off local experiments to a full-blown national movement.

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Incorporating Health into Physical Needs Assessments

In May, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) launched a new Integrated Physical Needs Assessment tool to provide affordable housing owners with a comprehensive protocol to assess the range of options available to upgrade their buildings. The tool will allow owners to take advantage of incentives and opportunities to make their properties as sustainable and safe as possible. A key component of the Integrated Physical Needs Assessment is a new health overlay, providing guidance on health-focused upgrades as well as operations and maintenance protocol.

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Start with the Outcome: Improving Communities with Outcomes Rate Cards

New outcomes-based tools allow governments to identify high priority outcomes, and to flexibly encourage activities toward achieving those outcomes with multiple interventions and strategies.

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