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Bobby Bonne

Portrait of Bobby Boone

With nearly a decade of experience immersed in retail real estate, Bobby is impassioned about empowering engaged tenants, developers, and cities to create community-serving retail. He ensures the viability and sustainability of retail environments with tailored solutions that draw on his market analysis, planning, and strategic merchandising expertise. 

Prior to founding & Access, Bobby led a citywide effort to attract and maintain small businesses in Detroit and tackled wide-ranging retail challenges as a senior strategist at Streetsense—from repositioning Fortune 500 brands and malls of yesteryear to crafting expansion strategies for emerging brands and commercial corridors.  

Bobby shares his love of retail with others as a Howard University, University of Maryland, and Harvard University lecturer and speaker at conferences across the nation. He received a Bachelor of Science in architecture from Florida A&M University and a Master of Community Planning from the University of Cincinnati. He holds certifications from the American Institute of Certified Planners and LEED-Neighborhood Development.