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Playbooks and Primers

By joining forces to address the full range of dimensions of health, the community development and health sectors can magnify their scale of prevention and advance good health, well-being, and opportunity for all. Get started by exploring our playbooks that provide practical advice on navigating partnerships between community development and healthcare.


Public Health Primer: Engaging Community Development for Health Equity

Build Healthy Places Network (BHPN) and National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) held a thought leader roundtable gathering national, state, and local leaders to bridge a way for public health and community development sectors to work together advancing health and racial equity through upstream partnerships. This primer shares the recommendations emerging from our roundtable and illustrates opportunities for public health to advance racial equity goals through engagement with those responsible for helping to shape the built environment.


Rural Playbook

This playbook is designed for healthcare institutions who want to pursue partnerships with local community and economic development organizations and other sectors in rural areas to create the conditions that support improved community health. After interviewing dozens of experts, the playbook shares case studies from all over the country highlighting core strategies used by rural healthcare entities as examples for future multi-sector partnerships to follow.


Healthcare Playbook for Community Developers

This resource guides community developers toward partnerships with hospitals and healthcare systems. Gain practical advice on navigating the vast healthcare ecosystem with your organizational assets in mind. Create your roadmap for partnership today!


Community Economic Development & Healthcare Playbook

This action-oriented playbook, developed in collaboration with The National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA), offers a roadmap for community economic developers and social enterprises to partner with health institutions to create career pathways for residents in low-income neighborhoods & BIPOC communities