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Neighborhood Poverty and Child Health: Investing in Communities to Improve Childhood Opportunity and Wellbeing

Written by Build Healthy Places Staff on November 15, 2021

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If ZIP code is more important than genetic code in determining one's health and opportunities, how can pediatricians enable healthy and opportunity-rich environments for all children?

In a new paper published in the peer-reveiwed journal, Academic Pediatrics, Build Healthy Places Network’s Executive Director, Douglas Jutte, Program Manager, Renae A. Badruzzaman, and Senior Director of Field Building, Ruth Thomas-Squance, introduce the community development sector to healthcare practitioners and provide recommendations and successful examples of community development efforts targeting child health and wellbeing. Learn about opportunities for pediatricians to advise, collaborate, and partner with community developers to accelerate and maximize the impact of billions of investment dollars to support healthier neighborhoods where all children can grow and thrive.

This article is part of Academic Pediatric's Volume 21, Issue 8, Supplement, Child Poverty and Health 2021: Addressing Equity and Economic Justice.