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Community Economic Development & Healthcare Playbook

How can community developers partner with healthcare institutions to create career pathways in low-income neighborhoods?

This action-oriented playbook, developed in collaboration with The National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA), offers a roadmap for community economic developers and social enterprises to partner with health institutions to create career pathways for residents in low-income neighborhoods & BIPOC communities

Community Economic Development & Healthcare Playbook provides strategies, on-the-ground examples, and a four-step pathway to partnerships. It showcases cross-sector strategies and partnerships that are working to support local entrepreneurs, create training and career pathways, leverage capital for local health facilities, improve access to healthy food, and leverage assets from health institutions in low-income and BIPOC communities across the country.

By joining forces to address the full range of dimensions of health, the community development and health sectors can achieve an unprecedented scale of prevention and advance good health, well-being, and opportunity for all. Let’s change the paradigm together!

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