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Healthy and Equitable Community Investment

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The Healthy and Equitable Community Investment report, authored by the Healthy and Equitable Community Investment work group, led by the Conservation Law Foundation, includes recommendations for how the growing ecosystem of tools, approaches, and data sources should support community investment’s impact on health and equity in communities. Through the work group’s collaboration and convening of leaders in the field of measuring community investment, the working group found:

  • The Social Determinants of Health are a strong framework for measuring the health impact of community investment.
  • It is important to distinguish between the social determinants of health and social needs to ensure that appropriate goals are set for any given investment.
  • Despite an abundance of existing tools, data sets, and frameworks, it is still complicated to measure impact over time.
  • Power inequity is the root of all inequity, and therefore interventions that promote equity should include empowerment