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Intersectoral Collaboration for Health: Reports from Local Health Departments

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hiapwebinarIncreasingly, local communities throughout the U.S. are adopting a Health in All Policies (HiAP) framework to improve health and equity by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across all sectors.

This 90-minute webinar includes a short overview of the HiAP approach, and an introduction to the work of Baltimore’s Cross Agency Health Taskforce and Sonoma’s Health Action, including history, accomplishments, and a discussion of the lessons learned from these exciting local initiatives.

Read a transcript of the webinar or listen to its audio recording.


Caroline Fichtenberg, PhD
Director of the Center for Public Health Policy
American Public Health Association – Presentation (PDF)

Peter Rumble, MPA
Director of Health Policy and Planning
Sonoma County Health Services Department – Presentation (PDF)

Sarah Morris-Compton, MPP
Director of the Office of Policy and Planning
Baltimore City Health Department

Ruthie Fesahazion, PhD
Health Policies and Programs Administrator
Baltimore City Health Department
Presentation (PDF) for Ms. Morris-Compton and Dr. Fesahazion