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Network Commons — Why Investing in Communities Matters More than Ever in the Time of Coronavirus

Written by Build Healthy Places Network on May 11, 2020

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Watch the recording of the Build Healthy Places Network's May 6th Network Commons, where we explored the critical role community development work plays in supporting equity, resilience, and healthy communities during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are now witnessing not just a health crisis but a community crisis. What is the role for community development investment and cross-sector partnership with healthcare in strengthening resilience and increasing equity in our post-pandemic world? How are these sectors working together to drive meaningful investments toward our hardest hit communities?

On May 6th, our Network Commons explored these questions through an interactive conversation with three inspirational leaders representing the community development, finance, and healthcare sectors that are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. The speakers and audience considered how these sectors can collaborate to create a new and better normal by supporting equity, resilience, and healthy communities now more than ever.

The Network’s Executive Director, Dr. Douglas Jutte, moderated a rich discussion with three experts. Read the speakers’ full biographies here.


Watch the event:

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Check out these resources to learn more about the organizations and topics profiled in this event:

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