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Investing With Health in Mind

Written by Doug Jutte on January 25, 2016

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Last summer, we introduced our magazine of stories illustrating the deep connections between neighborhood and health. Our first piece brought readers to two housing developments in Arizona designed for (and with) grandparents raising grandchildren.

Our next essay explores how two new funds are investing in affordable housing and other neighborhood projects that consider residents’ health and well-being. The two funds work very differently, but both have found new ways to drive private money into projects that make lasting change in neighborhoods and open new opportunities for health.

In 2016, we’re looking forward to publishing more pieces that dive deep into innovative work happening at the intersection of community development and health. Please help us share these pieces, which are published in Crosswalk, the network’s new publication on Medium, and get in touch if you have work you’d like to see profiled in this space.

Build Healthy Places

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Doug Jutte

Doug Jutte is the executive director of the Build Healthy Places Network.