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Social Determinants of Health in the News: 2/19-2/25/15

Written by Build Healthy Places Staff on February 25, 2015

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Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies Blog (2/25/15) Not All Hard-Hit Neighborhoods Recover Equally
Foreclosures disproportionately hit minority neighborhoods across the U.S. during the housing crisis. In Boston, over 80 percent of foreclosures took place in just five of its 15 planning districts—Dorchester, East Boston, Hyde Park, Mattapan, and Roxbury; nearly 75 percent of the residents in these five districts are non-white, while the remainder of Boston is 70 percent white.

The New York Times (2/24/15) Congress Is Told Ruling Against Health Law Would Impact Poor
The Obama administration told Congress on Tuesday that it had no plans to help low- and moderate-income people if the Supreme Court ruled against the administration and cut off health insurance subsidies for millions of Americans.

The Washington Post (2/24/15) Chart: How Childhood Obesity Has Swept The World In Less Than A Generation
A new comprehensive study published in The Lancet looks at the state of obesity around the world, and shares several grim observations, including that no country has managed to curb its obesity epidemic. It also looks specifically at the prevalence of child and adolescent obesity, which has risen significantly around the globe in a matter of “less than one generation.”

Stanford Social Innovation Review (2/24/15) Impact Investing: Time To Unleash PRIS
Impact investing has scored a lot of attention from the political establishment in recent weeks. On January 21, the White House hosted its third Pay for Success summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Days later, New York Times columnist David Brooks lauded impact investing as the “most promising form” of social capitalism there is today and implored a variety of actors—high-net-worth individuals, investors, financial advisors—to get involved.

NPR (2/24/15) In LA, Missing Kindergarten Is A Big Deal
In Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest school district, kindergarten absence is a big problem, with some students missing 10, 20, 30 days or more. In 2012, district officials say that almost 10,000 students were chronically absent from kindergarten. Last year that number improved, but only slightly.

NJ Spotlight (2/24/15) In Camden, Housing The Homeless To Ease Strain On Health Resources
Shunting the homeless into shelters, according to some experts, does little or nothing to cure the medical problems that plague this population — addiction, frequent hospital visits, untreated physical and mental illnesses — and overburden healthcare providers. That’s why doctors and hospitals in Camden County are working with an initiative that finds homes for the homeless as a first step toward helping them and reducing the strain on healthcare providers.

PBS Newshour (2/22/15) Bitter Cold Temperatures Push Some Americans Toward Poverty Line
On this Sunday’s PBS NewsHour Weekend, we took a closer look at the difficulties some low-income Americans face during winter months, when higher-than-usual energy bills put an enormous strain on family finances.

Brookings Institute Social Mobility Memos Blog (2/19/15) The High Costs Of Being Poor In America: Stress, Pain, And Worry
Reported stress levels are higher on average in the U.S. than in Latin America. Importantly, the gap between the levels of the rich and poor is also much greater, with the U.S. poor reporting the highest levels of stress of all cohorts. Of course ‘stress’ is a complex phenomenon, however: “Good” stress is associated with the pursuit of goals, while “bad” stress is associated with struggling to cope.

Urban Institute Metro Trends (2/19/15) Mapping Our Way To Better Outcomes For Kids And Families
Growing up, although my parents took turns driving the family car, my mom was always the one who made sure we actually got to where we were going. For all his non-spatial strengths, my dad could get lost driving around the block. (The bad news for me: I inherited my dad’s directional sense. The good news: Google Maps.)

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March 4-6, 2015: Grantmakers in Health Annual Meeting (Austin, TX)

Grantmakers in Health’s annual meeting is designed to bring likeminded health grantmakers together to hear diverse voices and viewpoints as well as understand and create effective solutions for individuals, families, and communities to achieve health.


March 4-6, 2015: Association For Community Health Improvement (Dallas, TX)
Join community health, community benefit, population health and healthy community professionals for the Annual Association for Community Health Improvement Conference.  Attendees have the opportunity to participate in workshops, luncheons, discussion groups and other networking events.


March 25, 2015: Arizona Healthy Communities Conference (Mesa, AZ)
The Arizona Housing Alliance invites you to attend a premier training and networking event for community development practitioners, planning and health professionals, affordable housing developers, nonprofits government and elected officials from all regions of Arizona.


March 26, 2015: Expanding Access to Healthy Food: New Data, New Ideas, New Directions (Webinar)

Roughly 30 million Americans—about 1 in 10—live in communities without adequate access to healthy food. Tune in to hear experts explore questions such as, What do the data show on low- and moderate-income consumers’ needs and behaviors regarding healthy food? What programs and approaches have proven to be most successful? and What factors are most important for addressing this issue over the next five years?